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Asakaa 2.0 is coming! March 8  

Modern Gantt packed with project management tools 2.0

Gantt chart as chronogram with tasks and subtasks, team chat, timetracking with timesheets, real time updates and so much more!.

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•   Current Version: 1.9.0
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Asakaa is designed for you and your teammates

Integrated with 6+ project management features, you will easily to manage your team and stakeholders.

Modern Gantt Chart

Deliver the best Gantt chart in order to make your chronograms in the simpliest and professional way.

Task List and Kanban View

>Doesn't like Gantt? Okay, We have a List and a Kanban view to fullfill all the operations with tasks.

Weekly summary reports

Our reports are designed to recommend you what to follow and keep you informed about day, week or month progress.


Designed to record the worked hours per project or task.

Real time experience

See multiple changes on the same project without making a click.

Change Tracking

We can track every change for future budget calculations and delays.

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30+ people involved in improving Asakaa everyday.

Save your time for other important things, not reporting completed tasks

Your idea has other things that need to be prioritized, don't waste your time only on timetracking. Asakaa will speed up your project management all in one (Gantt, Kanban, Timesheets...).

Video lessons & pro customer service.

If you are wasting too much time on project management. Come here, we make it simple for you.

Working on over 10 language translations

Asakaa is over the world, let us help you managing your tasks and important work time.

We increase time efficiency of thousands of people all around the world. Come here and try it out too.

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Want to try it first?

We are happy if you want to see a demo of this project first, find what you are looking for, we really want to save your management time.

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Asakaa is free for anyone Yes, including you!

Asakaa improves everyday and every week has updates and new features.

  • The many components and full features, speed up your project.
  • Get all the Asakaa features and 6+ integrated modules.
  • Spend time on something valuable for your idea, not timetracking or task reporting.
  • You support and save us to continue to keep this project alive.
  • Allowed to create a multi-team project management in Business Account
  • Get lifetime updates and support as long as you use Asakaa.

Start your Awesome project with modern Gantt now

Start your amazing project with Asakaa, give life to your ideas.